My Old Websites

People say you should be careful what you put on the Internet, because the Internet is forever. I used to write a lot, and actually found this quite comforting: put something online and, hey, you’re sorted, it’s forever!

But of course, it still requires time and money and technology; someone has to actually put effort in to maintain that “forever. “The Internet is forever” is a warning that someone else might put that effort in, even if you don’t want them to.

I had a couple of websites that can only be seen today thanks to the work of the Internet Archive:

I’m not a game developer, but I believe that game development is a great context for learning skills like programming. This was my old personal website, where I tried to help people learn to code through writing tutorials about Flash game development - and to help myself learn to write better tutorials, at the same time!

Sadly I had some issues with the host and the site died. It’s all backed up - I could restore it - but it’s hard to make that a priority. Who needs to know about Flash development these days?


In 2011 Envato I was invited to launch and edit a new site for the then-thriving AppStorm network of app review and roundup sites. I ran it for a few years, with a great team of writers that I miss today.

Eventually I stepped down to do more data work and handed the site over to the excellent Rita El Khoury; later still, the entire AppStorm network was sold, and unfortunately the new owners let it fall to the wayside.